UX Design Projects

3DEX #case study
3DEX is a website based application that offers to connect 3D designers in need with design software experts. Click to see the entire case study.
my Work

UX Design Achievements

I joined a virtual 48-hour hackathon to develop solutions for people with disabilities to improve accessibility at cultural events. Inklusion-Muss-Laut-Sein needed a digital solution for their yet analog database and communication system to connect ‘Buddy-Seekers’ with volunteers. Joined forces with two designers and four developers to create a working web platform alongside our UX process. Our team won first prize and gained international attention. The project keeps moving forward.
Hook Me
Hook Me is a management tool that organizes digital business cards. Furthermore it offers a training function for the user to better remember names and faces.
my Work

Other Design Projects

First attempts to fly
Soon I will showcase my progress in AR/XR combined with animated 3D models. This section is meant to mimic human interaction with artificial animals.
Ascending Retreat
An initially concealed space beneath the staircase reveals a partitioned room to retreat. The video presentation to my Bachelor work.

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