As a UX designer I have a passion to dive into customers ideas and problems and optimize it by amplifying the core value. 

My former career as an interior designer enabled me to empathize in client interactions and create user-centric design solutions. In building a planning department I developed my own processes and time management. Additionally, I developed strong communication and presentation skills to teach and coach content across multiple teams. As there are many parallels between interior design and UX,  I am able to apply design thinking methods like the double diamond and such from my repertoire. I found similarities in the navigational systems of floor plans and wireframes. I like to simplify processes in product development which allows me to communicate my ideas in a forward-looking and economically manner. 

In my free time I love to experiment with software for virtual/augmented reality and I have a passion for scientific content and gamification which I am excited to integrate in my UX/UI workflow.

Key UX Skills

● User Research (Competitor Analysis, User Interviews, Data Analysis)
● User Personas, User Journeys, Mental Models, User Flows
● Design Language Systems
● Prototyping
● Usability Testing
● UX tools: Adobe XD, Figma, Balsamic, Marvel
● 2D/3D tools: Adobe div., Affinity Suite, PCON Planner, Blender3D, Rhino3D, Unity
● User Workshops
● Communication and empathy

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