Hackathon Design Sprint
Project Overview
In about 48 hours time our team developed a case study on people with disabilities attending events that need accompaniment. Starting on Friday evening we developed the complete design process alongside a coded and fully working Prototype. On Sunday night our team was announced the 1st prize winner along five participating teams.
My Contributions
As one of initially five and eventually three designers I helped the team to set up a framework for a very fast design thinking process. Throughout the weekend I focussed on User Stories, Proto-Personas, User Flows, Sitemaps, Wireframes and did the final presentation.
The problem statement

People with disabilities often need an escort to attend cultural events. „Inklusion muss laut sein“ already has got a database of over 3500 people who would be happy to accompany someone to a social event. However, they still have to search the entire list for each request to find a suitable „match“ to make an accompaniment possible. Until now, there is no well working tool yet that allows people with disabilities to independently search for a companion who shares similar interests.

We need a tool that allows people to post an event and get directly proposed volunteers that meet their own defined criteria.
UX Designer
Nov 2020 - Dez 2020


Results and impact
In 48 hours time we managed to set up the entire design process guided by design thinking alongside a fully working prototype. It was already able to retrieve the analog access_data from our system and match it correctly through the search engine. The team around Inklusion-Muss-Laut-Sein and KuDiBa was stunned by our performance and our team won first prize. They pushed the project for further development and investment.
Main challenge and lessons learnt
Time was the most important factor tackling all processes. First off we broke down all steps to a minimum and outlined the 2,5 days ahead. There was basically no time and space for testing so we could only give feedback amongst the group. Once the framework was set up we could start working parallel connected to the developers. In very short breaks we present the results and iterated our processes. In hindsight I would be much clearer about the skills of everyone on the forehand. Who is able to guide and set a realistic time-frame and who is there to sprint through the processes actually designing and coding.
Next steps
Right now Inklusion-Muss-Laut-Sein is seeking an investor but the project keeps moving forward.

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